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Poncha, Vineyards, Mountains & Sea Cliffs

Funchal – Estreito de Câmara de Lobos – Fajã das Galinhas – Boca dos Namorados (Nun´s Valley View) – Jardim da Serra – Quinta Grande – Cabo Girão – Câmara de Lobos

My half day tour was designed for people who would like to see something truly spectacular in a short period of time. I promise one morning or one afternoon full of fun, with Off Road paths that enchant for its unique beauty. 

You will have the chance to try some of our local delicacies as the Poncha and Madeira Wine’.

Join me! Let`s go off the beaten track and see views that many visitors miss!!!

Jeep capacity: 8 seats (7 clients)
All our tours are in small groups – 4 people maximum & Me (1 Jeep only)

Price per adult: 35,00€
Duration: 4h
Days: as request

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The journey begins in the direction of Fajã das Galinhas, where we will find an incredible view (700 meters high) difficult to describe. 

Along the way (ancient paths), up the hill, we will make several stops for photos or explanations, being able to contemplate a fantastic scenery of banana trees or vineyards (this route seems painted in green or bronze). 

The vines testify to the deep relationship between man and nature, in a communion of hard but beautiful work.

After we keep going up to Boca dos Namorados viewpoint (1000m). 

From here we will be able to see Curral das Freiras (Nuns Valley), village nestled on one of the many volcanic craters, which originated the Island. The village is so named as it is believed that it was the place chosen by a group of nuns to take shelter from the attacks of pirates and corsairs.

The warning of an unforgettable trip that, at this point, is done through off road trails towards Jardim da Serra (coffee stop), land of cherries and chestnut trees, journey of the senses as the intense perfumes (fragrant mimosa and eucalyptus) of the forest and the utter calmness of the cultivated fields overwhelms us.

It will be here, in this picturesque village, that we will make our stop in a very local space for a drink, with a Homemade Madeira Wine or Poncha (optional).

On the road again, the next visiting point will the Cabo Girão, Europe’s highest sea cliff, with its 580mts of altitude hanging over the ocean. This is a perfect spot to admire the diversity of the natural beauty of the island.

After that, we will descend until finally reaching the blue sea, with the colorful boats typical of Câmara de Lobos, that rest of the fishing. Along the way, we will cross several plantations, where we can see several tropical fruits, mixed with sugar cane, banana trees, etc ….

At our next stop, we can take a short walk and observe the village of Câmara de Lobos from a different perspective…

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