About us

I love my island and I want you to love it too…

I’ve been working in this area for several companies, since 2007, having always given 1000% of myself, as if the companies were mine. At this moment, Miguel Is Here is a dream come true and it was created out of a desire to share the “Island daily life” and show our island guests the REAL MADEIRA.

My SEMI-PRIVATE JEEP TOURS in Madeira takes place on a Convertible Vintage Ex-Army Portuguese UMM jeep that can hold 8 passengers, although on my SHARED TOURS no more than 4 passengers will be booked in order to provide the best personalized service and attention, making every guest feel like a VIP.

NEW – Premium  Exclusive Mercedes Cabrio Tours

All my Tours are always done by Me. 

I have developed Safari Tours with the special extra of walking along a small section of ours FAMOUS Less Touristy Levadas. It is a fantastic way of getting to know magnificent landscapes, the Laurissilva forest and picturesque villages.

Jeep Safari in Madeira Island is one of things to do at least once in a lifetime!!!

 So, join me and let´s have fun together, exploring without stress, no Rush, as friends, fleeing the Tourist Traps and Crowds. We have time!

I will take you to the lesser known, off-the-beaten path sights that large tour companies just don’t include in their itineraries.

Being immersed in the Local Culture, lots of Beautiful Scenery to Photograph and  Tasting the BEST Local Drinks & Food!!!


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