Come and discover Madeira on wheels, riding an all-terrain bike or motorcycle along levadas, unpaved roads and obstacles in the island’s forest!

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys life on wheels, we invite you to discover Madeira in this way – literally!

Discover the pleasure of driving an all-terrain bike or motorcycle, along levadas, unpaved roads and obstacles in the forest of the island! You can rent a bicycle or motorcycle on Madeira and Porto Santo islands and discover the pleasure of riding over the rugged dirt tracks.
The Downtown Funchal competition is held annually in the city centre, and is very exciting to watch.

Find below the listing of BTT circuits in process of certification:

Listing of BTT trails:

  • Trail 1 – Poiso – Boieiros – Camacha
  • Trail 2 – Poiso – João do Prado – Chão das Aboboreiras
  • Trail 3 – João do Prado – Pico do Suna – Lamaceiros – Bar do Roque
  • Trail 4 – Pico dos Bodes – Lombo das Uveiras – Lombo da Velha
  • Trail 5 – Pico da Pedreira – Lombo da Velha
  • Trail 6 – Pico Gordo – Garagem – Lombo da Atouguia
  • Trail 7 – Bica da Cana – Estanquinhos – Lameirinhas
  • Trail 8 – Montado da Esperança (Santo António/São Roque)​
  • Trail 11 – Down-São Jorge (Arco de São Jorge/São Jorge)​
  • Trail 12 – Pico das Pedras (Santana)
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