Tonight (23rd) sees the traditional Market night in Funchal, focused  on the streets around the Mercado dos Lavradores, where thousands of Madeirans congregate, in what Visit Madeira describes as a “contagious buzz”, which also appeals to many visitors, as the festive season kicks off.
Many of the local streets around the Market are closed to traffic and become a display of local products, fruits, vegetables, flowers, sweets and typical Christmas drinks. There is lots of music and entertainment, together with food on sale, particularly the “carne de vinha d’alhos” (pork cooked in wine and garlic)
In the last twenty years, market night has become one of the trademark images of the Madeiran Christmas, although the tradition goes back to the 1940s when Madeiran people took advantage of one of the last opportunities to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for the holiday season.
The bars located nearby are open all night, joining forces to turn this into one of the longest and most social nights in Madeira, and the morning of the 24th one of the most hungover.


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