CLIMATE IN FUNCHAL – Madeira All Year Round

It is normal during the month of December and the first weeks of January maximum temperatures between 24C and 26C and minimum in the order of 18C or more…

Funchal reached a new maximum of 26.9ºC. The maximum was 26.5 ° C. The phenomenon is not unheard of but begins to become more and more normal.

The minimum temperatures of 22 degrees have been higher than the maximums of the region in previous years, that on average did not surpass 20 degrees Celsius.

Air temperature
The annual average air temperatures for the coastal areas of Madeira Island are higher on the southern coast than on the northern coast and fall as you move inland according to altitude.

The annual average temperature is 18.8 °C in Funchal (58 m)

The monthly average temperature varies little throughout the year, though it is higher during the summer (22.2 ºC in August in Funchal) and lower in winter (15.9 °C in February in Funchal).

The daily atmospheric temperature range is small, with average monthly values between 4.8 °C and 5.6 °C in Funchal, 4.6 °C and 7.9 °C 

Sea water temperature
The monthly average temperature of sea water is relatively high and varies regularly throughout the year between about 17ºC in March and 22ºC in August and September.
The values observed for sea water temperature in the region rarely drop below 15°C and rarely exceed 25 ºC.

The annual average rainfall on Madeira Island is greater on the northern coast than on the southern coast and increases with altitude; generally these values are higher on the north-facing slopes than on the south-facing ones for regions at the same altitude. Annual figures range from 553 mm in Funchal to 3,084 mm in Arieiro, 1,182 mm in Ponta Delgada and 1,527 mm in Porto Moniz.

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